Hellenistic revival

Colourful collage of Greek-themed items. A pink Michelangelo’s bust of David in the centre wears sunglasses and an earring. A curved couch with grey and white pillows is on the left, with rounded bushes underneath. A large column is in the back behind a stone building and white fabric on the right.

Greece is the word

Nostalgia will go back to its roots in 2022. This year, people will take inspiration from Ancient Greece and invest in everything from Corinthian home décor to Aphrodite-inspired wallpaper. One of the youngest generations—Gen Z is embracing this ancient trend more than anybody.

A woman in a white camisole top with black dots is holding her hands above her head. A white marble bust is at the front, with a pink flower growing out of its head. A pink vase is on the right with a standing marble slab in the background.

A woman in a clear white raincoat throws her head and hands back. A small pink TV on a pink pedestal is on the left,with a white marble bust in the screen. Doorway arch in the background.

Creator Spotlight

Design die-hards: pay attention to Mat Sanders. This celebrity home designer is the go-to Creator for vibrant, sophisticated interiors. Follow Mat and see how you can style a place that feels timeless—not tacky.

‘I see major Greece vibes in my home décor this year. I already have my eye on a Roman-inspired statue for my hallway. And I found a blue and white accent wallpaper that reminds me of summer in Santorini.’

Bring this trend to life

If you’re a home brand...

Show people how to infuse ancient aesthetics into their home, from an Aphrodite-themed bathroom to blue, gold and white colour palettes.

If you’re a fashion brand...

Break out the Greek chic. Highlight your antiquity-inspired rings, necklaces, earrings and other ancient-inspired accessories.

If you’re a special events brand...

Destination wedding in Greece, anyone? Or for people who can’t make it there IRL, help them to recreate the Mediterranean in their own back garden. Togas or bust.

Pinterest search term for ‘Greece holiday’. View of a cathedral's dome with a cross on top over clear blue skies. Aerial view of a plate with a whole cooked fish topped with feta cheese and herbs. Top half of a statue with wings. A Pin showcasing a panoramic view of Santorini, Greece, with the blue domed rooftops overlooking the sea. The text reads, ‘It’s (more than) all Greek to me’. The description underneath reads, ‘Book your island-hopping adventure’.

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