How to monetise on Pinterest

A guide for brands and content creators

Collaborating with content creators can be a great way for brands to reach a newer, larger audience on Pinterest.

We’ve put together this guide to help both brands and content creators understand how to work well together.

Partner up to make more powerful Pins

Content creators can offer brands a unique perspective on their offerings. Whether it’s an inventive new cocktail, inspirational outfits or something more – sharing a new perspective on your ideas is a great way to create value for brands and content creators alike.

Things to try:

Give a content creator what they need to make something new out of your brand offerings, then save the results on Pinterest.

Help people discover your ideas

Brands can also give the Pins that content creators have made a valuable boost by promoting them.

Join forces on beautiful boards

Collaborating with content creators can be a great way to reach more people on Pinterest, especially those with a particular interest in what your brand has to offer. Boards shared by the brand and content creator appear on both profiles, and any Pins saved to a shared board will reach both audiences.

Things to try:

Create a board that features original Pins created by the content creator alongside editorial images from the brand, or other content from Pinterest and around the web that will be of interest to your shared audience.

Or, give your content creator the role of curator, and get them to handpick Pins that’ll create an impactful board. This is an easy way to get meaningful benefits out of a content creator partnership.

Justina Blakeney
The Jungalow
“The REI campaign was all about bringing the outdoors in and 'camping' indoors in their evrgrn loft in San Francisco. Our shared Pinterest board was meant to give our audiences ideas and inspiration for how to have everything from jungly living walls to glowy lights and starry nights from the comfort of your living room.”
Create additional revenue with affiliate marketing

Yes, you can use affiliate links in Pins as long as you’re not spamming Pinners or otherwise making it hard for them to enjoy their time on Pinterest. Companies like Hometalk use affiliate programs to reach a broader audience with content creators.

Keep it real

Here are a few quick tips for content creators saving to Pinterest on behalf of a brand:

When you’re working with a brand, make sure you save content to relevant boards.  

Try to be transparent about your relationship with the brand, and follow all relevant laws and regulations. If you're in the US and partnering with brands to promote their products or services, make sure you consult the Federal Trade Commission's Endorsement Guidelines.

Keep the content you save high-quality and don’t abuse the platform.

Save content you have an authentic interest in.

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