Creative strategies for marketing for home brands

People come to Pinterest for ideas to transform their homes, whether it’s full renovations, weekend projects or DIY home hacks. Home and DIY are two of the biggest categories on Pinterest – 60% of Pinners say Pinterest has influenced their home décor purchase decisions.

Here’s what we found after looking at the top Home Pins on Pinterest.

DIY and craft Pins
Home décor Pins
people saving DIY ideas
people saving Home ideas
Make it actionable and relatable

To make your Pins easy to recreate, add step-by-step instructions. Home and DIY Pins with instructional content have on average 80% higher save rates.

Setting up realistic situations in your images really helps people connect with what they’re seeing. Home Pins that feature real-life situations have 25% higher save rates, while similar DIY Pins have 40% higher click-through rates.

Give helpful tips and info

Add useful advice to your Pins so people can put your Pins to use. Home Pins with lists, tips and advice see up to 93% higher click-through rates, and similar DIY Pins have 45% higher click-through rates (plus 34% higher save rates!).

Represent your brand

Adding your brand name to a Pin description can give it an extra boost. On average, your click-through rates will go up by 15% when you include your brand, 17% when you include promotions and 35% if you’ve got a call to action in your description.

For DIY Pins, try adding branding to the image. DIY Pins with product placement can have 17% higher click-through rates. Adding a brand logo can also increase checkout rates.

93% higher click-through rate on Home Pins with tips or advice

Pinterest internal data 2015, 2016