Creative strategies for food brand marketing

People come to Pinterest to find their next food favourites, with over 3.4 billion ideas saved by 46 million people. These Pinners are taking their inspiration to the supermarket – 79% of them say Pinterest has influenced their food-related purchase decisions.

Here’s how the hottest Food ideas on Pinterest are catching people’s attention.

Food and drink Pins
people saving Food ideas
Show your food in context

Whether your Pin has a recipe or an exciting new product launch, make the food the focal point of your image. Pins that show food in real-life situations have up to 8% higher click-through rates and 13% higher save rates. Including step-by-step instructions can get you as much as 90% higher save rates.

Bring the benefit to life with text

Adding text to the image can help explain the benefit or a unique characteristic when the image alone may not, for example “5-minute dessert” or “No-bake brownies”. Food Pins with these call-outs have seen 23% higher click-through rates and 31% higher save rates.

Don’t forget your brand

Make sure your brand is represented in the Pin. Not only will it help with attribution and loyalty, it adds credibility to the Pin. Adding a logo to an image when the brand isn’t clear can get you up to 28% higher save rates.

90% higher save rates

Pinterest internal data 2015, 2016