It's different here

People come to Pinterest to look for your ideas. Not just to like them – to try them.

Cluster with Idea Pin and avatar images and reaction emoticons
Idea Pin image with avatar images and reaction emoticons

Inspiration is the new influence

People engage more meaningfully on Pinterest. You inspire them to try new things, to shop and to create their own take on your ideas. The more people engage with or share your content, the more your ideas show up across Pinterest for millions of others to discover.

Content doesn’t disappear on Pinterest, so your hard work has a longer payoff. People can find your ideas the moment you post them or well beyond that.

Get discovered with Idea Pins

Idea Pins are the best way to bring your ideas to life – with video, music, stickers, tagging and more. Any time that you make an Idea Pin, you can encourage people to create their own takes and to build a community around your shared passions.

Idea Pins are discoverable all across Pinterest, so your creative ideas get maximum visibility. Get inspired by these Idea Pins from other Creators, and make sure that you follow our creative best practices.

Simple tools for creating

️Idea Pin image with stickers

• Create and edit your content right in the app

• Customise Idea Pins with video, music controls and interactive stickers

• Use Pinterest's creative tools partners for added flair

• Tag products to make your Idea Pins shoppable

On Pinterest, we put your well-being as a Creator first. The Creator Code is our commitment to inclusive and inspiring content. We’re also introducing comment moderation tools that help to keep Pinterest a safer, more positive place to create.

Tools to guide you

Creator hub

See the latest Creator news, your analytics, monetisation opportunities and more. You'll find the Creator hub on your profile page in the Pinterest app.

Pinterest Trends

Pinterest Trends shows what people are searching for right now. Use these insights to create timely and relevant content.

Audience Insights

Audience Insights show what your current and potential followers are engaging with. This helps you to plan your content.