Hey, creators!

You help make Pinterest the best place for people to discover and do what they love – it’s your ideas that spark creativity and get people excited to try new things.

Pinterest wouldn’t be the same without you, so here’s some great news: We’re developing new tools and resources that’ll make it easier for you to grow your audience and drive traffic back to your website.


How Pinterest helps you grow your business

People on Pinterest are actively looking for ideas to try, whether it’s a fresh recipe or a new look, and that makes them the perfect audience. And there are a few other ways that Pinterest is different from other sites you’re used to:

More traffic for you
When people find an idea that they want to try, they can click through to the specific page on your site to learn how to make, do or buy it.

Reach beyond your followers
On Pinterest, your followers don’t represent the extent of people who see your Pins – they’re only the start. The more people engage with your Pins, the more that content gets amplified and shows up across Pinterest for millions of other Pinners to discover.

Your ideas live on and on
Your Pins deliver value for years to come – not just the first day that you post them. Pins are evergreen, so people can discover your ideas right away or months from now.


Everything you need to get started

Set yourself up for success

It’s quick and easy to set up a business account.

Brush up on best practices

Learn the ins and outs of Pinterest.

Get help from guides

Get tips on making great Pins and growing your brand.

Increase your traffic

Send more visitors to your blog, site or store.

Make some money

Get the scoop on partnerships and collaborations.

Learn from Pinterest Analytics

Track your performance and see what’s working.

Set up your account

Upgrade to a free business account for access to Pinterest analytics, ads and other pro tools. Then claim your website to see what other people are saving from your site.