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Creators help make Pinterest the best place for people to discover and do what they love. It's your ideas that spark creativity, and inspire people to try new things. Pinterest just wouldn't be the same without you – so we want to make sure that you have everything you need to succeed.

In this section, you'll find product updates, content tips, trends and more. If you need additional support, try our Help Centre or send a note to creators-support [at]

Why Pinterest is great for creators

Your ideas live on and on
Pins are evergreen, and provide value long after the day they’re posted. Some people (like your followers) will see Pins right after you post them. Other people might find your content months, or even years later.  

More traffic for you
Every Pin you make can link directly to your website or store. When people find something that they want to try, they can click straight to your site to learn more.

Reach beyond your followers 
Your own followers are just the start. When someone saves your Pin, it’s then shared with their followers – helping you grow your audience. Plus, the more people engage with your Pins, the more content shows up across Pinterest for millions of other people to discover.

Sharpen your skills
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Visit our resources page for detailed information about setting up your account, creating content for Pinterest and measuring your success. 

Kristyn Merkley
Owner, Lil' Luna
“I really don't think I would have been able to grow so fast, or turn my hobby into a business, if it wasn't for Pinterest.”
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