Quick tips: Choosing the right Pinterest ad format

Quick tips #3
Standard Pins

This basic ad format looks just like a regular Pin, but has been paid to be promoted. Standard Pins appear alongside organic content and feel like a natural part of the experience, but reach more people across the platform – making them an ideal way for you to educate people about your brand.

Best for: Increasing brand awareness, boosting traffic or growing your sales (both online and offline)

Promoted video

Great videos catch people’s attention while they’re scrolling through Pinterest. Choose to promote a standard, vertical video or try our new max-width format that spans both columns in people’s feeds. Both video formats autoplay.

Best for: Increasing brand awareness

Promoted Carousels

This ad format allows you to upload up to five cards to a single Pin. Each card can feature a different image, title, description and landing page, so you can showcase lots of information in a single ad and better engage people on Pinterest.

Best for: Increasing brand awareness or boosting traffic

Promoted App Pins

Featuring an install button, Promoted App Pins help people discover and download apps, without ever leaving Pinterest – increasing app awareness and downloads for you, and lightening the lift for them.

Best for: Driving app installs

Reach your goals sooner with great Pins

It isn’t hard to make great, creativity-inspiring Pins – just follow a few simple rules. In general, the more timeless your Pins are, the better they’ll perform.

Need a little inspiration?

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