Pinterest’s big aha moments and to-dos from Cannes Lions 2019

Cannes viewfinders

Our CMO Andréa Mallard also collected her top creative tips from all the panels, conversations and events that she was part of at Cannes this year. In her ‘inspiration to go’ video series, she shares her on-the-ground aha moments, along with some to-dos to try with your brand.

Go with your gut

Use data to inform your intuition, but don’t let it overwhelm your instincts. You know more as a creative than you think you do.

Be true to your brand

Make sure that your social purpose and business purpose are aligned. That’s how you connect with consumers and make real change.

Break through with humour

Humour, when done right, is a great unifier. Brands that bring levity and perspective to their work can charm and disarm audiences in a good way.

The mindset of people on Pinterest is quite different from other platforms. People are more open-minded, more willing to try new things, more focused on making plans for the future. This year for the festival, we worked with creators on Pinterest to build three interactive spaces – Playland, Discoveryland and Dreamland. Each space gave visitors a way to experience a different aspect of the Pinterest mindset. To learn more about what we did in Cannes, check out our space tour video.

Cannes Lions 2020 is less than a year away. We look forward to seeing what you create next!

– Judy Lee, saving to design inspiration