Mindful menstruation

Colourful collage in shades of red. An East Asian woman wearing glasses leans her head back on the right. A hand holds a menstrual cup, containing a baby’s breath plant, beside an open pomegranate. A glowing red moon is on the upper left side..

Ready, set, sync

If no body is the same, no cycle is either – period. In 2022, people will educate themselves on their menstrual health, from cycle phases and period care. Millennials are driving the searches behind this movement.

An orange calla lily is on the left. A Black woman is on the right, with her back facing out and a full moon in the night sky in the background. A crystal hourglass is on the lower right-hand side.

A white hand is holding a pink menstrual cup. A pink cloth pad is on the left. A white woman with short blonde hair holds pink flowers behind her back on the right.

Creator Spotlight

Self-care is more than skin-deep for Creator Whitney Sartain. Period. She educates her community on all things wellness, including overlooked topics such as menstrual health. Follow Whitney for new ways to show yourself a little extra love.

‘I ask my friends: are you charting your menstrual cycle? It’s not “too much information”. It’s the most underrated information. To me, wellness is about more than eating kale. It’s about knowing what makes your body unique.’

Bring this trend to life

If you’re a well-being brand...

Help people to tune into their bodies with apps to track their mood and menstruation. Educate them on the different cycle phases to help people optimise their lifestyle around their flow.

If you’re a fitness brand…

Promote classes based on menstrual cycle stages so that people can tailor their training to help manage symptoms, optimise performance and avoid injury. Follicular phrase? Try a HIIT workout. Luteal phase? Go for gentle Pilates.

If you’re a tech brand…

Help Gen Z to navigate their periods. Suggest what to include in a modern period starter kit or share self-care apps to ease into that time of the month.

Pinterest search term for ‘cramp relievers’. A blue hot water bottle over a plaid pattern. A woman with arm tattoos and red leggings doing a dead bug pose. Aerial view of amber-coloured tea with loose tea leaves. A Pin showcasing an East Asian woman sitting outdoors while looking at her phone. The text reads, ‘Get to know your cycle’. The description underneath reads, ‘The ultimate period-tracking app’.

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