Lake it ’til you make it

Colourful collage of lake-themed items. A Black woman, wearing a pink and floral lake outfit, is on the left, next to a boardwalk and a diver jumping through an orange circle into the water. An A-frame boat house is in the centre, behind a paddleboarder on a lake. A roofed dock with post is on the right.

Lakes will have their moment in the sun

In 2022, people will trade in their beachfront getaways for inland swims. Gen X and boomers are driving this freshwater trend that will only grow in the year ahead. Lakeside resorts, pontoon boats and lake home plans will all be making a splash.

Collage of lake-themed items: A boat in the centre on a steel-blue lake with a dock in the foreground. A swimmer jumps inside a large yellow rubber ring. Snow-capped mountains in the background.

Three people are sporting casual wear: a Latinx person in a white long-sleeved top and a rainbow-coloured skirt is on the left, a Black man wearing a neon green, short-sleeved top and shorts is on the right and an Arab woman in a floral top, blue hijab and sunglasses is in the centre, with a lake house in the background.

Creator Spotlight

When you follow Megan Mitchell, you get cosy dishes that feel right at home on the water. This chef, food stylist and host makes post-boating dinners an event, not an afterthought. Follow Megan for belly-filling lake-life recipes.

‘Mark my words: Everyone’s planning a lake escape. My audience is looking for new ways to nourish a group after a long day on the water. I’m all about creating unfussy, family-style recipes for those evenings at the lake.’

Bring this trend to life

If you’re a travel brand...

Dive into the peaceful waters of lake travel. Show people top lake destinations with things to do when they get there.

If you’re an auto brand…

People are heading off the beaten path. Offer up vehicle ideas to help them get to their lakeside holiday in style.

If you’re a fashion brand...

From boat shoes to fishing vests, fashion should meet function when inland road trips are on the itinerary. And remind them to pack an outfit just for lounging, too!

Pinterest search term for ‘lake trip outfits’. A white woman in a yellow playsuit is sitting on a dock. An older white man wearing a blue beanie and a yellow jacket is looking out at the horizon. A brunette woman with a sunhat. A Pin showcasing a person in a green raincoat with the hood over their head, walking in a grass field. The text on the image reads, ‘Lake looks’. The description underneath reads, ‘Shop waterproof clothing’.

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