Hotter wheels

Collage of cars. Figurines and toys on a dashboard. Woman in the center viewed through a driver’s rear-view mirror. Hatchback raised to show a boom box, person on a cellphone near a tent and view through the rear of a car window to the right.

All souped up

Your car is more than an escape vehicle—it’s a whole mood. In 2022, people across all age groups will give their motors major makeovers with decor upgrades and spruced up sound systems. All age groups are driving the searches behind this rising trend.

Collage of road trip-themed items. Brown station wagon van and sunset in the background. White man in shorts standing at open van back at right.

Collage of car sound system parts. Speakers in red, yellow, black and green. An open car hatchback against a large headlight.

Creator spotlight

Calling all gearheads: creator @jimny_ken, founder of JIMKEN BLOG, is here to level-up your ride. This adventure vehicle pro inspires his audience to buckle up and create an entire vibe in their car’s interior. Follow JIMKEN BLOG for customization ideas that go beyond flashy tires.

“Think about it: you assert your style in your wardrobe, in your home...why not your car? I show my audience how to add their own aesthetic to a car, whether that feels adventurous or chic. And remember, a custom sound system is a must.”

Local spotlight

Hotter wheels in Japan

One market that will drive the Hotter wheels trend in 2022 is Japan. The Japanese will continue to invest in their thriving car culture but with a renewed focus on the interiors. They’ll bring their famous warm and elevated design approach to an overall interior upgrade.

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Bring this trend to life

If you’re an auto brand...

Use carousel ads to showcase the latest designs and new tech accessories from your product portfolio, like a high-quality sound system or epic interiors.

If you’re a finance brand...

Support people as they finance their auto makeovers with investment tips and budgeting tutorials using video ads. Offer up insurance options to protect their newly minted car.

If you’re an entertainment brand...

Prepare road trippers with entertainment for the long ride ahead. Share podcast and playlist ideas on your website, and use ads to help people discover them.

Pinterest search results for car decoration ideas. Dashboard of a vintage car with light blue fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview mirror. Macramé art hanging from the rearview mirror. Black woman lounging in a camper van looking at the mountains out the back window. Pin showcasing a camper van at the beach with the trunk door open, inside a black woman with a laptop. Text reads take comfort on the road. Description reads car accessories to transform your ride.

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