Introducing the Creator Code

Pinterest is building a positive online space for creators. That’s why we’re launching the Creator Code: our commitment to kindness for all creators to sign.

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It’s hard to be creative when you’re surrounded by negativity and comparison. On Pinterest, it’s different. We lead with kindness and put your well-being as a creator first. See what happens when you create with a kinder community.

Creator Code essentials

  • Express yourself

  • ...but be kind

  • Start a conversation

  • ...and check your facts

  • Inspire action

  • …but avoid causing harm

  • Be bold

  • ...but acknowledge triggers

  • Encourage others

  • ...rather than divide

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Creator Code

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1. Express yourself

Great content should highlight you and your ideas. Put your original spin on something, fuse a few favorites, or reframe something classic through your own experiences.

This might look like:
• Fashion inspiration to freshen up a wardrobe
• Fusion recipes that merge classic dishes in unique ways
• Poster designs for a cause or public figure you believe in

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...but be kind 
Being expressive shouldn’t come at the expense of others. Even if it’s meant to be provocative, ask yourself if the content you post might insult or harm a person or group of people.

This might look like:
• “Fashion don’ts” that mock or shame individuals who wear certain clothing
• Jokingly stereotyping a culture or community in an unflattering way

• Poster designs that insult or vilify public figures

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2. Start a conversation
Take inspiration from what’s going on in the world around you to help others learn, grow, and bring their idea to life.

This might look like:
• Creative ways to decorate a mask to protect yourself and others
• A visual history lesson to support online learning
• Resources to support activism or practice allyship

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...and check your facts

Take time to pause and check the facts behind what you share. In a world that moves fast, it can be easy to spread information that isn’t true.

This might look like:
• Medically unsupported health claims, such as false cures
• An unsupported theory of a historical event
• Spreading conspiracies about peaceful activism

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3. Inspire action

Great content helps inspire people to make their ideas a reality. From DIYs to recipes to travel tips to shopping, help people bring ideas to life.

This might look like:
• Kid-friendly DIY projects parents can try at home
• Calls to action that promote well-being, such as a 30-day 
meditation challenge
• Recommended places to donate to social causes

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...but avoid causing harm
While it’s great to create to connect with your audience in unique ways, avoid calls to action that might cause harm.

This might look like:
• A potentially dangerous DIY project, such as something with explosives
• Community challenges that may pose health or safety risks
• Asking people to share sensitive information, such as an address

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4. Be bold

On Pinterest, don’t be afraid to be bold! Expressing unique ideas, using unexpected images, and telling rich, visual stories can inspire people in new ways.

This might look like:
• Art that promotes body positivity
• Wellness ideas for postpartum moms to regain confidence
• Avant garde costumes ideas for special occasions

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...but acknowledge triggers

Sometimes ideas that are meant to be artistic can cross a line. To keep Pinterest a safe space for everyone, explicit or graphic content isn’t allowed, even if it’s well intentioned.

This might look like:
• Art that depicts explicit activity
• Graphic images or videos, such as a birth video or surgery
• Fetish costumes that sexually objectify people

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5. Encourage others

Pinterest is a positive place—and you can help keep it that way. Focus on publishing ideas that are inclusive and bring people together.

This might look like:
• Accessible workout routines people can try from home
• Ways to take part in an inclusive movement, such as anti-racism resources
• Makeup tips and tutorials that work for a range of skin tones

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...rather than divide

True inspiration is supportive of everyone. Make sure not to publish content that excludes, harms or is hateful towards people or communities.

This might look like:
• “Before and after” photos that body shame groups or individuals
• Ways to take part in antagonistic countermovements
• Beauty products that promote a non-inclusive beauty standard, such as skin lightening

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