Get to know Pinterest holiday shoppers

Pinners shop more, spend more and are willing to try new brands.

1.6xPinners spend 1.6x more, on average, than people who don’t use Pinterest

Pinners are inspired shoppers

These are the customers who’ll make a difference for your business. Weekly Pinners are 1.35x more likely than non-Pinners to say the “inspiration phase” early in their shopping journey helps them identify brands they’ll ultimately be interested in buying from.1

Overall, people on Pinterest shop more frequently2 and are willing to try new brands.3 And they spend more—some 1.6x more, on average, than people who don’t use Pinterest.4

Changing holiday behavior

Holiday decor with gifts

As the world adjusts to a new normal, consumers are shifting more of their spending online. And the holidays are no exception. Searches for Christmas decor and gift ideas are already climbing.5

Because people on Pinterest are inspired to shop, incremental sales from Pinterest cost 57% less for retail advertisers than from other social media.6 When they’re deciding how to make this holiday season sparkle, you’ll want to be there.

You can learn more about the holiday shoppers you’ll reach on Pinterest in our infographic: