Attention, Shopify merchants: Your Pinterest shopping tools just got better

August 15, 2022Rachel Hardy

Scattered variety of artful pins on a light blue background with various buttons featuring words “Buy” and “Popular” and then two others of a shopping tag and bag icon.

Say hello to hosted checkout. This new shopping experience removes multiple steps from the checkout process, making it simpler than ever for people to shop on Pinterest—and for merchants to sell. 

When you shop, you don’t want to be rushed. But once you find the perfect item… you don’t want to be slowed down.

Enter hosted checkout. It’s the latest in Pinterest’s shopping experience and we’re launching it first via Shopify. With it, buying is easier than ever for shoppers on Pinterest. So when shoppers find something they love, nothing gets in the way. 

Skip the extra steps

This new purchasing process takes our shopping integrations to the next level. It removes friction from the shopping process—making it simpler and faster for people to buy from you. 

Usually, when people want to shop from a product Pin, there are several steps before the final purchase. They click the Pin, visit the retailer’s own site and go through extra steps to add products to their cart, enter payment and shipping details, etc. Hosted checkout removes many of these steps. People can browse, click and buy—all without leaving the Pinterest shopping experience. 

When someone shops from a product Pin with hosted checkout, they pick the exact product they want—think colors or sizing. Then, they tap “Buy” to enter the hosted checkout experience via Shopify. From there, it’s just a matter of final details like shipping and payment.

Rotating GIF showing a focused view of how the user would purchase a product with the new shopping experience.

A better shopping experience pays off

In a beta study, shoppers who used hosted checkout on Pinterest were more likely to make a purchase. In fact, we saw a +3.9% lift in their purchase propensity and a +2.7% lift in checkouts per user compared to Pinners who did not encounter the hosted checkout experience.1  

Your product Pins will also get boosted organic distribution in places like the Pinterest home feed, search and shopping surfaces. So you’ll keep reaching even more people, getting more chances to improve your results.

Your brand, your way

When you use hosted checkout, you’re actively acquiring new customers for your brand. You’ll receive all order and customer information, and will manage things like order status updates and support. This gives your brand more control over the customer relationship and brand integrity throughout the sale.

Find out if you’re eligible 

Hosted checkout is currently available to select US merchants who are in the Pinterest Verified Merchant Program and use Shopify to sell their products on Pinterest. Eligible merchants will see the hosted checkout section at the top of the shopping settings in the Shopify app. If you see the option, turn it on, and you’re ready to go. For more information about enabling this feature, please refer to our Help Center

If you’re not eligible yet, please stay tuned. We’ll keep building these kinds of features over time, and will keep updating you when more tools are available to you. In the meantime, you can use other shopping tools on Pinterest to create full funnel strategies that help drive people from inspiration to purchase.