Rich Pins

Add extra details to your Pins to make them more useful

Take travelers to their next adventure

Place Pins include a map, address, and phone number.

Help Pinners create their reading lists

Article Pins include headline, author, and story description, helping pinners find and save stories that matter to them.

Make it easy for people to buy your stuff

Product Pins include real time pricing, availability, and where to buy. Pinners also get notifications when product Pins they’ve added drop in price.

Help foodies make recipes from your site

Recipe Pins include ingredients, cooking times and serving info to get Pinterest cooks excited to hit the kitchen. Recipe search filters help Pinners narrow in on vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, paleo and indulgent meal ideas.

Show film buffs their favorite movies

Movie Pins include ratings, cast members, and reviews to help Pinners learn about new flicks.

How can I get Rich Pins?

Right now, there are five types of Rich Pins: movie, recipe, article, product, and place. To get started, you’ll need to prep your website with meta tags, test out your Rich Pins and apply to get them on Pinterest. If you’re not technical, you might want to ask your developer or site owner to help get you going!

Get started!