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With over 800,000 online shops and 15 million one-of-a-kind items, Etsy is a force to be reckoned with in social commerce.
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Our goal is inspiration—not just sales. We showcase Etsy’s values to drive loyalty and engagement, and we post things that resonate with our community. We maintain a careful balance of Etsy items and other content pinned to maintain authenticity with our audience.
Alison Feldmann Alison Feldmann Editor in Chief

Showcasing Etsy’s brand on Pinterest

The Etsy team was drawn to the visual nature of Pinterest as a way to showcase items for sale in the Etsy marketplace. Over time, they invested more in shaping their brand presence on Pinterest. Their editorial team posts new pins daily to Etsy’s boards, drawing from Etsy items as well as content from other sites, inspired by what’s trending on Pinterest.

Etsy also launched a Guest Pinner program to bring in bring different points of view and engage the community in content sharing on Pinterest. Etsy invites pinners ranging from Etsy Sellers, to popular bloggers, to brands like Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine. Weekly Guest Pinners use group boards to show off trendsetting finds. This brings fresh perspectives to Etsy’s boards.

Drive incremental traffic and sales

Upon observing that their customers were pinning Etsy items onto Pinterest, the Etsy team added the Pin It button on each item listing page on The Pin It button makes it easy for Etsy shoppers to pin items while browsing the site.

Items pinned from Etsy also come with attribution, ensuring that each pinned item carries a shop’s name and that the details contain the item name and price. This helps Pinners understand that the item is for sale just a click away and ensures that the seller gets recognized.

"Managing our boards is an ongoing collaboration between our editorial, merchandising and international community managers. We look at which pins are liked and re-pinned to inform our content strategy. We know if it’s hot on Pinterest it will probably resonate with our community."
Learning what customers want

Rachel Ball of Elephantine is a seller on Etsy who specializes in modern, minimalist jewelry. Inspired by the visitor traffic her online shop receives through Pinterest, she pins her new products to her boards as soon as they’re listed for sale. She pays close attention to user engagement through metrics like user pins, repins, and likes of her products—all cues as to which styles resonate most with her customers.

Rachel uses these insights to help inform future her product planning. Since she began using Pinterest to help promote her shop, average views per week have increased by 22%, and sales per week have increased by 20%.

“My Pinterest account encapsulates the kind of lifestyle that pairs well with my jewelry. I don’t produce Lookbooks, as many other jewelry designers do, so in certain ways, my pins are a lookbook for my brand," she said. 


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