Pinterest's relationship with its users is more like a marriage than a summer fling. It's one of those great relationships that only gets better with time.

In fact, the longer people have been using Pinterest, the more useful, personalized and inspirational they feel it is (the same goes for people who use Pinterest daily). This is because as they save Pins and choose whom to follow, they start seeing more of the things they love in their feed. Over time, Pinterest becomes ever-more relevant and valuable to them.

This long-term love affair is great news for businesses. People on Pinterest browse with a purpose, so they don’t just save ideas—they make them happen. Whether they’re hunting for a stylish pair of sandals or planning a summer getaway, the things they discover on Pinterest often lead to real purchases and experiences.

If Pinterest is like a long-term relationship, how can you keep it...

Millennials were raised in a socially-networked, digital media-filled world. They’re accustomed to instant access to information and frequently use Pinterest to find what they’re looking for. In fact, 79% of millennials said that “Pinterest is a guide to life and a place to teach me how to do things.”

Millennial Pinterest users are interested in everything from beauty tutorials and life hacks to unique recipes and fashion finds. For this tech-savvy group, we’ve seen Pinterest complement and even replace traditional media such as websites, magazines and television as a trusted source of information.

Based on our survey results, take a look at how millennials use Pinterest compared to major media sources when searching for food, fashion or beauty content:

Targeting your ads is important—it’s how you can effectively get your leather tote noticed by a new grad searching for a work-ready bag, or how you get an aspiring home chef to try your dumpling recipe. And starting today, targeting on Pinterest is even more powerful.

In addition to targeting Promoted Pins based on Pinners’ interests, search keywords, device, location and more, you can now also target Promoted Pins using your own business data. This lets you combine what you know about your customers with what we know about people on Pinterest. So the next time the customer who bought your leather tote browses Pinterest, you can show them another bag from your latest product line.

If you use the Pinterest Ads Manager, you’ll now be able to create and target in 3 new ways:

  • Customer list targeting: Target existing customers using emails or mobile ad IDs
  • Visitor
  • ...

By tracking the things people save on Pinterest, we’re often onto trends before they even hit the streets. (Believe it or not, by February we know which swimsuits everyone will be wearing in June!)

So what’s going to be hot this summer? For women, we’re seeing swimsuits with clever cuts, bright and breezy sundresses and sandals with a flirty side. Meanwhile, the men are all about statement sunglasses, classic tees and woven-leather shoes. Here’s more on these trends:

What women want...

  • Swimsuits: One-pieces are up 139% over last year, and the top looks embody subtle sophistication with details like cut-outs and lace.
  • Sundresses: This season's styles range from short and sweet boho whites to cheerful floral prints. In the past year, people have saved 87% more sundress Pins overall, and 21% more embroidered looks, specifically.
  • Sandals:
  • ...

Dad’s big day is coming up, and this year 15 million people on Pinterest are looking for fresh gift ideas beyond the usual neckties and toolboxes. They’ve been brainstorming ideas for Dad since April, running 11.6 million Father’s Day searches and saving 45 million Pins!

So what’s in the works for Dad this year? Here’s what people are saving:

  • All things superhero, from art to “super dad” themed gifts. (So far, Captain America and Superman are ranking as everyone’s favorite heroes—along with Dad, of course!)
  • Gifts that celebrate memories, like daddy/daughter photos and footprint crafts.
  • Outdoorsy offerings, from backyard fire pits and grills to tractors and fishing gear.
  • Ideas for a sparklier set of wheels: Pins about auto detailing, car cleaning, deep cleaning and related car-care hacks have soared in popularity this year.

These are all great ideas, but we couldn’t help but wonder: What does Dad really want this...