Many online shops use Pinterest to connect with their audience, tell their story and help people discover their products. Shopify, a leading commerce platform for over 100,000 stores, says many of their online merchants see significant referral traffic from Pinterest.
Now, all eligible Shopify stores have Rich Pins, making it easier for Pinners to discover things they like and purchase from those stores directly. Pins that come from Shopify sites will automatically include extra details like price and availability right on the Pin.
“Many of our 100,000+ stores are makers and creators that sell unique products, so traditional online advertising methods may not always be as effective,” said Harley Finkelstein, Shopify’s Chief Platform Officer. “This is why a discovery channel like Pinterest is an essential tool for driving visibility, traffic and revenue.”
Many Shopify stores have already seen a lot of success on Pinterest, like: ...

People visit many different websites each day, and it can be hard for them to find and follow those businesses back on Pinterest. Helping people find the latest Pins from their favorite brands and publishers on Pinterest is an important way for them to discover stuff they like, and we’re hoping to make that easier today with an updated Follow button.

The new Follow button will pop up a small dialog with a preview of your account’s latest Pins — and your visitors won’t ever have to leave your website to follow you. Once someone follows your account, they’ll start seeing your Pins in their home feed.

It’s easy to add this button to your site. It’s just a couple of lines of code, which you can copy and paste onto your pages in a matter of minutes.

If you have the original Follow button in place, you won’t...